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Here is a video I did on depression

Brain Fog is something that can be caused by a lot of different things. But how can you cure or fix it?

Before you think about how to focus better or have more mental clarity you should think about what causes brain fog.

Lack of sleep can cause brain fog. It can also lead to depression which can cause brain fog.
So one of the easiest and first steps to mental clarity is getting enough sleep.

Also, watch your diet. Even natural foods like peanuts have been known to lead to a cloudy head.

But other not-so-natural foods such as aspartame are big factors in hurting your ability to focus for many people. You will find this in artificial sweeteners you might put in your teas or drinks.

Because of this, I will use things like stevia in my drinks to keep me from the cloudy head feeling. Stevia is a natural sweetener.

Other things we list in this video are things like exercise and getting sunlight.

You might not fully be able to eliminate a cloudy brain.

Another easy fix for mental clarity is to drink plenty of water. A dehydrated brain won’t be able to focus.

Or check another item in your diet, maybe dairy products.

As far as the thing you can add to your diet for mental clarity is vitamin B12. Add this to your diet and keep consistent with it and see if over time your brain fog fades.

Many prescription medications lead to a cloudy brain or even over-the-counter sleeping pills will lead to brain fog.

For me, I really like to exercise, drink plenty of water and B12. These are all-natural fixes and natural fixes are always my first ways to deal with them.