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What are Natural Headache Cures?

What is a Natural Cure?


According to the online Collins Dictionary, a natural cure is “a method of treating disorders, involving the use of herbs and other naturally grown foods, sunlight, fresh air, etc.” Prevention Magazine defines the natural cure as a “medicine-free method” of treatment.

What is a Headache?


According to the staff at the Mayo Clinic, a headache is “pain in any region of the head. Headaches may occur on one or both sides of the head, be isolated to a certain location, radiate across the head from one point, or have a viselike quality. A headache may appear as a sharp pain, a throbbing sensation, or a dull ache. Headaches can develop gradually or suddenly and may last from less than an hour to several days.”

What are Natural Headache Cures?

In the video you can watch below, Prevention Magazine gives a quick, 60-second overview of three potential natural cures for headaches.


This is the transcript from that video:

“When you have a headache, you want the pain to be over with now. But over-the-counter medicines take time to kick in.
Instead, try one of these three natural cures that work in minutes.
If you think your headache is caused by stress, try the pencil method. When you’re stressed out you automatically tense your jaw muscle which strains the muscle that runs between your jaw and your ear resulting in a headache.
To relieve that stress, place a pencil in your mouth without biting down that forces the jaw muscle to relax which relieves the headache.
If you have a sinus headache, try massaging peppermint oil on a few key points. Now, Peppermint oil is very concentrated, so you’ll want to dilute it with an unscented oil like baby oil or jojoba oil or anything unscented. Add a dime-sized amount of jojoba oil, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Rub those on your temples in small circular motions and then work inward along your brow bone to your sinuses. The menthol in the peppermint oil will relieve your sinus headache and drain your sinuses.
Finally, there’s an acupressure plate on your hand that’s believed to relieve headaches. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture minus the needles. Find the place where the bone of your forefinger meets the bone of your
thumb. Press firmly and rotate in small circles very slowly. Use up to three rotations for a full minute. Do that for three minutes and your headaches should subside.
Check back to Prevention for more 60-second health solutions.”

What is Prevention Magazine?


According to the Prevention website, “the Prevention brand has been a leading provider of trustworthy health information, empowering readers with practical strategies to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”

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